Feelin’ Good (proof: I’m singing American Pie while blogging))

hey upper east siders ((in this blog, it means “people of the net”).
i have the biggest news ever.

well..aside from watching almost three episodes (almost since i haven’t finished uploading it) of Gossip Girl Season 3.

ahem…wait, the news can actually wait.
let me say to you what i saw outside the door of the Portal office at 5:00PM.

a gift.

from none other than S.
as in Sheemah.

placed in this cute paper bag…

what’s inside? let’s take a look…

oOoh…there’s make-up.
fabulous make-up!

and lipgloss!!

and plus a personal touch!
nothing touches me more than something she’ll make herself…

see? it says: Enjoy the Beauty of Life xoxo
she took a picture of me taking a picture of her…haha.

again, the NEWS!
I’m going home…
ahem…without the permission of my art director…i’m leaving.
well..my time is wasted here.
we usually meet in the afternoons and what do i usually do in the morning?
i don’t do oversleeping so…uh…i usually just walk around town until 1PM…plus internet surfing for two hours…or more.
pretty boring..
so i’m leaving.
byebye dumaguete…i already got my ticket to Dapitan…then the bus!
and it’s Oz…
clickittyclang…”There’s no place like home”
see you there.



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