I’ve never seen so many deaths in my life…

Self defense.
I’m only human.

Tell me, if you’re in my shoes, won’t you do the same thing?

Won’t you freak out when there are HUNDREDS of ants swimming in your keyboard?
Rather than shaking off my laptop ((of course, duh)), I’d used a toothbrush ((would have used a paintbrush…but i left it in Dumaguete)) and brushed them off…ripping their heads, legs…or just plainly squishing them.
I never told anyone this…but I always get depressed when I get to intentionally kill an ant.
And these are ANTS!!!…not just one…but a hundred…

well…I am a sinner.
and this incident will be one of many cases against me.

Aside from my ant-incident…allow me to introduce you to a new topic:
GOOD NEWS: I got a 3.7 on my pract last semester…Sir must like my narrative reports on the kiosk events. Haha.
BAD NEWS: Please don’t tell my dad yet,…but my brother’s wallet was stolen from his bag when he was in a boat destined for Cebu. My brother is clearly and understandably disappointed in himself but I told him not to freak out much. He was very responsible and he used up his saving for payment…he also said that he will tell dad personally about this…so don’t spread the word around and help the poor boy. Love him a lot!

NEUTRAL NEWS: I’m alone. As in…my parents are in CDO ((i saw them in ABS-CBN cagayan de oro this morning…channel 67 filproducts-oz)) singing and dancing, my sister’s on a school activity…and my brother’s in Cebu.

Let’s see how this plays out…

What did I do whole day?
Walk around the city…purchased Tomi Junkfood, Fresh milk and sausage…
Went to Nica’s house uninvited and before she even took a bath….used her internet connection
Ate kikiam and the sausage at Kring’s house with Nica for lunch
Sang and played guitar…
Watched MTV…

hahai. 🙂

thought for now:
why is he still too busy to talk to me?


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