I couldn’t stop staring at my schedule in the Silliman site so I decided to place it here.
15 units more to go and it’s graduation!!
hoo-ot!! 🙂

Subject Section Type Start End Days Room
BUS LAW 74 B LEC 05:30P 06:30P MWF BA 214
MGT 72M B LEC 04:00P 05:30P TTh BA 204
MGT 78 B LEC 06:30P 07:30P MWF BA 303
PRACT II(M) B LEC 07:00A 08:30A TTh BA 202
TAX 72 C LEC 05:30P 07:00P TTh BA 204

loving my sched since it’s OJT friendly…and lots of free time for my project. wish me luck. love lots…hope i get honors…it’s for my family, not mine. i want to make them proud.

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