Project CBM

ok. Project CBM is no secret.
Friends…or anyone who has been in contact with me within the 72-hour period, know about my big plans.
But let me not spoil the information by saying it again in this blog.

I’m doing this to distract myself.
I’m trying to remember that I’m my own person…my life is not limited to a certain area.
I will move on.
HAHA!! sounds serious…well, I better be. SInce this will be possibly my last semestral break ever…and next semester is going to be my last period of receiving allowance without conscience.
So i better save up.
I have a pretty loud ambition…and I’m pretty shy to share it…coz it’s very unrelated to my course.
WELL…we’ll see how this plays out ((i’m saying this more often nowadays))

What did I do today?
Remember that I bought fresh milk yesterday? I put it in the freezer for fast cooling but then I forgot about it so it became frozen in the morning…But now, I’m drinking it right now!! Of course, as it is a rule in nature, ice melts in nonfreezing temperature.
Went to school, waited for Nica.
Walked around ((as in walking long distances that usually need a pedicab)) the city.
Deposited money (using my own money) to my brother’s account in case he needs it.
Went to sheela’s house ((YES! sheela finally arrived.))
Was conducted a seminar by sheela about UNO…she’s getting business minded…I’m flabbergasted by it.
Ate food…this is never missing in our barkada meetings.
Answered a cosmo quiz!!
Played flipwords…
Looked at Sheela’s pictures in her laptop…
Went byebye…before it gets any darker…

mwah! πŸ™‚


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