dot dot dot

i just finished my attempt to make the pimple on my face disappear…it’s no use.
Another thing that is depressing me is…my fresh milk carton is all empty…don’t worry, no use in blaming anyone…I’m the one who finished it up in less than 24 hours.

Y! status”es” for the day…well, as of now.
(1) Just watched The Sweetest Thing…a classic. haha.
Well, for anyone who’s under the age of is sort of a classic. It’s an old movie…but not super old as in black and white, Audrey Hepburn and all that…It was just one of the love story movies you get to see when you were a few years younger. It starred Cameron Diaz and other stars who I don’t know —but they play good.
(2) R u worried that I’m going to talk to you? Don’t worry, I won’t. 😉
Haha. I’ve always wanted to say that but for no important reason.

I know that I’m talking nonsense…but what can I do? Nothing has happened for today.
I’ve been stuck in the house whole day.
Drinking the fresh milk carton to its very last drop.
I only stopped by here in the net because I needed to do something for the project. 😉

tahtah! see you…soon.


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