the end (of this day)

just when i thought the day would end with the same scene: watching the computer turning itself off and sight slowly accustomed to the darkness..(but that would be useless anyways since i would still close my eyes to sleep).

a funny thing happened:
a force that tried to pull me to the other side….but that actually doesn’t mean i am in another “other side”…just being me.

Oh…it’s my sister’s rosary mates…I’m not sure what they’re called but they’re pretty annoying.
Young teenagers, one aspiring to be a priest, I supposed…
Thank goodness they have failed their attempt to pull me away in my PJs to pray ((I do my praying alone and with people I actually know, not 2nd degree strangers)).

And he has actually brought a snake to my presence!
is this some symbolic gesture to God?
hahai..weird kids, grow up.


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