I’m tired

Did you know that I was so tired that the title (If I didn’t notice it any sooner) would have been “I’m tried”?

This is the shortest sembreak ever.
And the most numerous time I’ve traveled back and forth—from Dumaguete to Ozamiz vice-versa.
How many 8-hour ((since it’s using a public transpo, it takes longer compare to the 6-hour private car travel)) trips has that been?
4 time 8

please don’t let me multiply…but I’m guessing that’s 32…
*checking my answer on a calculator*
yep! 32…
and another 8 hours tomorrow…AGH…
but i should have a trophy with my name on it…since I didn’t vomit on any of those travels.

For the people I’ve met, thank you for taking time…I’m sorry for not saying goodbye…but you do know how my body seems weak when i’m going to a very far-off place. Will try to go to your graduation ((includes you nica, even if it might take longer)).

For the people I’ve been dying to meet but alas! fate must have been against us, there’s still december…and also during elections! You know i’ve always wanted an indelible ink on my thumb. haha.
Kring, pagregister na…for this to become a reality.

For the people I’ve met, please don’t force me into rosary. It will be a bigger sin if I go to pray without being in the mood. I’ve talked to God and He said to take my time. Haha. Really, I can feel ease when I’m not doing it with strangers (2nd degree) like you. Your attempt to actually drag me into Dunkin Donuts with conscience. My conscience is not as strong as it used to be. I usually depend on my will.

Love you everyone.
I love Ozamiz.

See you in December.

I will however, not work here though I love this place.

Well..not really flash. I already knew this. Jonah has a baby..no wonder I haven’t seen her in the campus..so the rumors months before were true.
Well to be fair, daphne has a baby (rumors: driver ang father)
someone who i’m not familiar with but is still my batchmate is also a mother now.
someone is living in with someone…



p.s. i logged out kay di ko ganahan na you might not reply to me. haha. peace! see you when i see you.


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