yep, happy halloween.

happy halloween!
i was going to post a picture of me wearing a “ghostly make-up” but I didn’t go through with it for two reasons:
(a) my roommate might come in accidentally…and see my face
(b) i might scare me

ugh..november 1 is tomorrow and all i can think about is the question:
do the restaurants and fastfood and cafeterias stay open during that time?
if not…i’m going on a hunger strike.
you might just find me sleeping all day so that i won’t feel any hunger.

oh…by the way, have you read this message?

why do you keep on pulling
me back to you
when it’s better for you to let me go…

– sip-on

totally relate to this message…
and it’s not because of L, if that’s what you’re thinking nica ((nica actually replied to me thinking i was referring to L)).
it’s because last night and whole day today, i’ve been sneezing…and that means…runny nose.
i actually snuck in a few rolls of tissue from the internet cafe’s restroom to plug my nose…kidding. but i did get some tissue for my nose…really.
and if the portal guys notice that the napkin in the drawer is gone…it’s because of me and i have a very good reason for it. haha.

first time alone—and not in Ozamiz for November 1.
Ghosts…i’m not welcoming any guests tonight.
please…i’m not a skeptic. i am totally honestly afraid of you…don’t test my fear.

i actually know my peppermint spray won’t work on you.

yep, i’m here early but i haven’t finished my enrollment yet because …the line was too long.
wish me luck on enrollment…i hope my teacher won’t mind me absent for the first class ever for PractII ((OJT time!)

Mwah! 🙂


“I’ll be fine.”

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