if there’s somebody for someone, look at me

ah…so let’s talk about today.

november 1.
all souls’ day.
alive or dead, we celebrate for our souls never perish.
so which actually is created first?
the soul or the body?

congratulations to nica and shawn.
yep, i did say they were dating but now it’s official.
thank you for the ice cream (coffee crumble), roasted chicken and fresh lumpia (i didn’t eat it though) for nica’s, kristel and my birthday last month.

to nica…
i never thought i’d see the day…
shawn is so different from all the “other” guys.
he’s actually almost the same height as you are—the other two guys were tall.
and he’s lighter in skin color…
friendly, shy…but very responsible since he’s already working on something.
although…admittedly, i was annoyed at how much you talk about him…for sure that was a sign that it was coming, anyways. haha.

congratulations to the new couple.
hope it lasts. 🙂

so what did i do today?
i actually woke up at 6:30AM just to eat Nagaraya (for breakfast?) and play Brain Challenge.
went out at 11:45AM to eat lunch and to walk about town for some fun…
turns out the downtown’s even spookier than my empty room…
..so i just ate, did a Church visit…went window shopping in the School Supplies department…and surf…in the internet.

and walked about 15 minutes to my boarding house….boring, isn’t it?
after that, i decided to do a How I Met Your Mother marathon. plan to clean the room (just a plan…my other distasteful roommate already moved out…good news.)

and now i’m eating two kinds of burger….the chili-cheese burger with egg (my favorite) and plain old cheese burger…actually there are three burgers but the two of them are just cheese burgers.

i wish i could graduate na so i could live on my own and pursue this lonely life….but at least, i’ll have my own money.


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