Patron Tequila (playing on the headphone)

another day…perfectly boring.
i’m ready to start a fight just to get things interesting!!
ugh…well, anyways, i had some pics posted the other day but i didn’t get to place it in a blog. haha.
so here they go.

with my new glasses…this time, i can use this while using a computer…it protects my eyes.

i like this one!


well—i didn’t say they were nice pics but wel…haha…just nothing to do but post.
flash news. ‘she’ invited me to her facebook account.
i mean she really didn’t do anything to me but hm..i don’t really like her.
after months of avoiding her name in facebook…she added me.
oh well…i guess it’s kinda nice and flattering for a ‘celeb’ to add me.

at least i’ll be updated on her job through her status messages and not through rumors.

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