how do i know my dad still loves my mother even with the theatrics?

you know…
..making fun of each other because of fat and old age (mom’s sagging breasts and dad’s ahem…baggage)’s fuming anger on my mom’s indecisiveness or spontaneity when it comes to choosing the route to the destination (driving makes people stressful, so does walking when there is no time for it—what’s the solution? beats me. a bicycle?)
..not sleeping on the same bed together (but they do actually fight in bed playfully—and it sucks we’re all sleeping in the same room, witnessing our parents’ playfulness——i guess that’s how we got so mature)

so how do i know?
i texted my dad that i received the form137-A Silliman requested from me (if I wanted to graduate) and the watch my mom gave me…
he replied by saying i should thank my mom for the gift
i did what i was told but sincerely, of course
mom was clearly happy that i texted, and began telling me why i never ask for the watch if i actually need it..
…i just replied that i never like to ask, i just want to be given anything.
my dad then texted me and told me, “see? your mother is happy that you’re texting. don’t tell your mom i texted you.”

see? he really does love her. but in the quietest way possible. i never really say i love you to my dad and mom, sister and brother, lola and lolo (+), but I do, and they know it too.
that’s because we are a loving family, we have so much love, that there are no need for words.
this is my favorite blog ever.




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