the moral lesson: Makeover

when life gives you lemons,
make lemonade.

i guess that’s what the saying goes.

good evening, internet freaks.
and now i’m going to tell you how my few days of non-blogging flew by.
but first, newsflash—although the news may have been in your doorstep for a long time…however, i still need to confirm it.
my sister’s here in dgte.
where is she now? who knows?
she’s got her own teargas so she’s bound to be safe.

now, my story.
how am i going to start this?

“what happened to you chai?”
ha? i wonder if i put up my hair on a ponytail in a wrong way.
anyways, the person who asked me this question was bora. she’s a korean…but she knows cebuano too. and she was flabbergasted at the same time, in relief to see me.
how can that be possible?
“what’s wrong? did i wear my hair wrong?”
“ look so stress. is it because of the feasibility study?”
“i’m already done with the feasibility study..”
“i know..but is this the aftermath?”

i really don’t get what’s so wrong with what i’m wearing…or my face.
well…actually…nevermind. but shouldn’t she have gotten used to my face or my way of dressing by now?
when she said i was stressed…that the lemon.

now, time to make the lemonade.
i’ve bought face powder, concealer, nailtrimmer, deodorizer, lipgloss, eyeshadow…
…and now, time for a makeover.
here are the pics.

hm..come to think of it, is this what they call peer pressure or not? is it helpful?

i know the make up can be barely seen…but i meant to do that…after all, day make-up should just look normal.

and oh…i bought closed shoes!!!

rule nth: when you see your soulmate shoes, get them before supply runs out…it’s very rare for me to find fabulous shoes with my size.

i’m excited for the OJT.
i have three choices for work…and they’re fabulous!
won’t tell you where pa…until sure na jud ko.

cross your fingers.

mwah! 🙂


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