wow. and i thought i couldn’t blog tonight because of some technical difficulties with xanga.
and now that techie diffy is solved, i couldn’t bring my thoughts right and write about my day.

well..let’s start with what i missed.
dio is now a CPA, and will be working in SGV. wow!
and now he’s left, with no promise of seeing us (unless we go there to meet him, which will be difficult because his regular hours are 8AM to 8PM) for at least one year.
and with almost everyone graduating, everyone’s leaving Silliman in a flash.
well, we’ll never forget your occiness (OC!) and harsh but correct judgments.
it’s hard to think that we will surely not see you for one year unless we go there of course…
let’s see in Cebu Pacific if i could still use the promo i spotted last last week when i was still in Oz.

is this everyone gets scared of?
well, just hours ago. i actually dared myself for something.
i really don’t want say it as it is cause there may be minors accidentally typing in my name in google and might accidentally read the ugly truth.
let me see…
it is about something everybody has, and i mean every boy and girl…
but they seem to want to see it in images…but with other owners of this thing.
and they seem to be always excited and raving when they see—-either images/videos.
some of those visual materials are of about doing “it”.

ok…i did not dare myself to do it.
i dared myself to look at it.
and i learned…that it is weird…and uhm..i don’t see why everybody’s getting crazy over it.
ok…maybe i would want to do it with a person i like. but seeing someone else do it or doing something that suggests such…it looks so scary.
hey abnois, if you accidentally read this—-we did see the katrina-hayden scandals together—-and it was weird and mouth-opening in awe.

hahai…people do crazy stuffs for educational purposes….i think. haha.


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