when i lost hope…

….the teacher explains there’s no need for the existence for that hole draining hope.
this week has been a lot about love.

for some (v and k, m and ?), it was a separation of two halves—-but they slowly regain their individuality and grown into two separate wholes.

for a teacher, the lessons were just about hope of love.

for me, there was family.

let’s start with the teacher.
i have encountered a new teacher for this semester….hopefully the last of the college series.
his name is sir inoferio.
he’s kinda gayish…but who cares? gays are fun.
and in the first proper lecture he gave us, he asked us…”did you learn even a little from the discussion we just had?”
and my mind went black and the answer floated in my head..”Yes.”
and it drifted on the moment just minutes before he asked that question.
he told us, not exactly, but this is how i remembered it, “that there should always be hope when it comes to love. dream about a family, taking care of the kids, and a home that you will build.
—-there’s use for not hoping
—even the blind finds a lifetime partner—-
—even the deaf finds his wife

and if i may add,
—even the bitches and the snobs find someone who can tolerate their behavior,
—even the gay find another gay, and eventually adopt a child.
hay—this really gave me hope to find someone, or to realize the someone that’s already there could be my husband.

then, let’s go with the heartbreak stories.
just the day before yesterday, k and v broke up. their relationship lasted 2 years.
aw..and i always thought they will be together.
their break-up caused a break out in facebook.
but i guess their break-up was peaceful and kind….haha.

for m and ?, i don’t know much about the couple.but i do know the guy, he’s kind and sweet…funny, i almost like the guy!!! haha. except that well—-he’s just a good friend.
his gf is working in switzerland…but they broke up the night before yesterday…aw..is monday really the day for break-ups? just a manic monday i suppose.

for me?
well, love my family.

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