Seniors’ Night!

It was supposed to be seniors’ ball but then since our administration has not allowed extravagant events such as these for the very “unfortunate” and financially-“disabled” students…we arranged a similar event with a different name.
Well…they were asking for it. haha.
here are the batch 2010 (or some who would’ve been part of the batch) in their hollywood get-ups! 😛

chada kaau amo vanity fair-kunuhay pictorial noh?! haha. here’s our ticket to THE event.

okay…so my outfit was supposed to be a tuxedo-style-as-if-i-was-trying-to-follow-the-coat&tie-attire-for-the-men-while-wearing-the-prescribed-cocktail-dress-for-women…woah. that was long. but well, it’s still cute…if only i had bunny ears, i would’ve passed as a playboy bunny. hm…i don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult. oh well, i just laugh.

(From the left: melissa, arthsen, essien, jesma, 2nd row: daylinda, aini, joyce and chandrina, bottom: well, me!) here was the team who made the event possible….i only became a member of the team on the night, when they asked me to—

be the partner emcee of Dayday!!! 😛

i was the one who did the make-up on the girl on the right wearing that white dress….and also that other girl wearing the gray dress beside me. cute noh? i should make this my business.

only beautiful people get to enroll here in Silliman, right?

with the fair and beautiful Cha2!! 😛 my duty-mate sa Globe Telecom. they get so confused on who to call Cha or Chai.

i just love how the color blue makes their skin look so good!!!

oops. why did i put this here?! hehe.

Tara and Chu….Liana at the back. 😛

hehe! that was fun. til next time, guys. 😛
who can provide me bunny ears? para magamit nako sa future costume parties ako sanina…hehe. 😛
love you all!


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