first time experience:
no, this isn’t about sex or anything.
but something much more deeper…

have you ever had a secret that you didn’t keep a secret because it’s something detrimental to your identity as a person but you kept it because it holds its existence?…possibly?
that secret makes you happy, fulfilled, …you’re so proud of it but the thing is you can’t boast about it because of some things…

anyways…that was just an introduction.
time for the real deal…

Topic: Where did all the pillows go?

In my return to my humble abode, I noticed something (Imagine me raising an eyebrow…which will be impossible in real life since I don’t have properly developed body coordination…I could raise both eyebrows instead of a single one) peculiar.
There was a startling number pillows in our family room…
…not startling because of its abundance….but startling because of its near extinction in numbers.

I shook my head, thinking there are more important things to worry than noticing the few number of pillows…there was third world hunger, politics, women’s rights, etc. This was nothing.
But then…hours after the issue stared right up on my face….I just had to ask my parents…and sister…

“What happened to the pillows?”

By this time, my sister shot an “I-told-you-so” look at my mother. She then gave out a deafening wail (which was normal in this household) and said, (in bisaya)”Ask your mother. (But then she didn’t let me ask her since she still blabbered on) She donated our pillows to that pregnant woman at the hospital”
My mom then corrected her and said, “I let that pregnant woman borrow the pillows, not let her have it.”
My sister then exclaimed, “So where are they now?”
My dad, who was quiet up until this point, then said: “Who would want to get them back, anyways? Would you get a pillow from a hospital….from someone who just came out of childbirth?”
My sister then retorted, “My point exactly, we are not some charity who will give out pillows to the needy? What are we, rich?”
I then said, “Why don’t we just buy new pillows then?”

My dad then taught me a valuable lesson and said:

“If we give out pillows, we are not charitable man kaha…
If we buy pillows, di man pd ta milyonaryo…dah…”



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