there are so many talks we have to undergo in life…
…some are which all of us undergo…
…some may be familiar like…
the I LOVE YOU talk
the I kinda like you talk
the SEX talk
the i need a 0.1 increase in my grade to pass talk

…and then there is this ENLIGHTENMENT Talk.
which equates to sometimes…a cat fight.
But my latest cat fight involved a dog (ponsoy) so I got the upperhand in the fight.

no one can point a finger at you and call you a sinner….well the law is authorized but people who are not part of the law system should not point a finger and call you a sinner, right?
but that’s what happened in FB. and it’s sad….i pitied her first. that’s why i didn’t immediately attack her status cruelly. i really thought she had a reason…but then…here comes the talk.


it’s been two days…but I didn’t get a response from her after that. oh well. 😛


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