the answer to your question

im okay!

so many things have happened that are so hearbreaking that putting up in the internet should be a federal crime. but then i said, I’M OKAY. and i’m not lying…so far the only thing that is bleeding is my sensitive gums, my heart is still pumping blood, i’m still breathing (but barely, hopeful that’s because of my allergies) and i still eat well (or probably i’m eating more nowadays but still that does not affect my physique).

I’M OKAY. Just need time to breathe in and out….aaaaaah…huh…..(yep, that’s the sound i’m making, believe it or not).

Well, the good thing is I’ve checked my application status and TADAH…JG Summit has labeled my application “Kept For Reference”. Uhm..not so amazing? Well, at least it is kept for reference…it’s much better than getting fired immediately. Checked my BPI status—still Kept for Reference. It’s a good start. I think I’m going to get a job somewhere good. If I do not get absorbed in a well-known company, might as well swim with the fishes and end up like the others…CALL CENTER AGENT. AGGHHH….

Why do I consider CALL CENTER AGENT as the last resort?

Hi, my name is Charmine Navarro but I prefer friends to call me Chai-Chai. I’m a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management from a prestigious university in Dumaguete City, Philippines: Silliman University. Being a call center agent in the end of this ruckus adds insult to my choice of course. Ahem…got the word, management in my degree? I should be the manager…and in the first stage, I should be a trainee manager of a prestigious corporation. Call Center agents may be highschool graduates…what’s the use of my course if I just end up there? I mean, no offense. The pay is great, but I’m not for pay. I am for self fulfillment. Call center agents just pick up the phone and talk. Managers make people listen.

If I don’t get a good job, I’d rather do business. TADAH. 😛

nice to be back here again. need some lovin’ and i get it from here.


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