Dear Bloggy


I had a hard time spelling that tagalog word, not because it’s difficult…but it just hurts thinking that hey…”abandonada” that’s me! :/ Yes, I’ve been neglecting you but I’ve been trying so hard to reach you. You don’t know how many blog drafts I have made over time…the few months that I’ve been absent. And oh so many things have happened…and life would have been easier if I had shared it with you.

Let’s start with my favorite topic: Life.

I guess I have to start at where I am now.

First of all, I’m curly right now. And yes, by choice…the choice of using 3000 of my salary for a make-over that would only last three months. Alas! Yes, I am also earning. After the two months of juggling job interviews after job examinations and getting pre-employment requirements (which by the way, made me take the X-ray exam three times, two of which are done in one medical center), I have finally landed a job which satisfy my requirements of good pay, good training and good position. Go BPI!! Yeah…and so many trainings have passed with lessons I could have shared.

(1) The three-day WASTE TIME WITH EACH OTHER brought tears, laughter…hugs and…some bruises coming from climbing that wall and well…

(2) The Ala-Apprentice missions from Mr. Tony Villena (wow, Rockwell’s security is as tight as my skin…does that make sense to you?)

(3) The Counterfeiting and other bank related seminars that bore us…and also some that were entertaining to the max.


So far, everything has been great. I’ve been earning friends, learning how to talk to people…especially in Tagalog. Ewow po. I still have to work on my Jejemon though.

But times can still be lonely.


Oh well, please stop the drama…I can’t have a runny nose, sore throat, warm temperature and watery eyes at the same time. It is madness.

Other problems consist of budget costs…

I have a plan in buying a camera soon!! so please keep posted. 😛


Thanks for being here after all the months of silence. Hope to keep you posted on whatever is happening to me.







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