Dear blogggy:

I will not fail my promise (if ever I used that word in my previous blog ~too tired to verify), I will now right what‘s going on in my mind even if it won’t be interesting for the millions of viewers of internet….who never heard of my blog.

First of all, I’m sort of frustrated. Weekends are my damnation, my constant hell. I don’t have any agendas…I’d rather be busy and wrecked in travelling to and fro within the Metro Manila area, insomniac in my study habits for an upcoming examination, entertaining irate clients in the branch…rather than using my time to recover sleeping hours, using up my load in websurfing and “cooking” my meals.

I need to stand up for myself. Do what I have to do to make my weekend productive. But I will not follow Diogenes’s footsteps of visiting the Fitness First Gym investing in health (really investing…money!!!). I will not wait for Kimee, Jo Anne and Rupert to plan a party night at the Encore or the Republic or even to Tagaytay or Enchanted Kingdom. I will not wait for Hazel to encourage me in volunteering for Gawad Kalinga’s cause. I will do something that I care about, something truly worthy of my time.

I need ideas. I need help.

This November, I’m planning on investing on a Panasonic LX3 camera. I may not have photography talents…but still there’s a possibility that I do have those talents. I hope that’s going to help. But ALAS! October is still so young so November is still so far for hoping. I need something to do now.

What can I do? Is there an organization here that can use my help? Please message me as soon as you can.

I wanna be on the GO!!


And besides being on the NOT-GO side has its downsides,

1. oversleeping gives me an headache

2. it makes me spend more money.

3. it makes me hungry (because I get too lazy in going out to eat a decent meal)


So, HELP!!!


Help me God.




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