Looks like…

Looks like…someone needs an intervention.

Everyone might have given up due to frustration of trying to get simple words into her head or maybe because they think that neglecting that person is the best solution…

Uhm…maybe that method is the most effective. But I just can’t get over at her hardheadiness.

Love does not mean to suffer…

Well…most of us from time to time have tears to shed (with either sadness or joy). Wait, let me rephrase that. Suffering, sadness, misery…is part of love but not the very definition of it. It is mutual happiness of two or more beings (more…not because it’s polygamous…I meant groups such as family, friends and community).


Should I leave her alone? Should I let the possibility of forever thinking that love hurts ruin her life and I have known that I might have changed that???

Uhm…so your silence will be my defense.


oh no.


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