argh…i don’t know where to express it…

and i know i’m being ungrateful because i left u for so many months, even missing out the anniversary of this blog two months ago,

but i need u now.


i hate my job.

i don’t like going back there in the branch just to log in or out.

i want another life.

just leave me here.


our batch is going to meet this week in manila

and i hope to give the fsm a piece of my mind

i guess i should ask him for the best option


i can’t quit because training costs reach to 200k, and i have to pay it if i don’t reach three years.

i thought of putting up with it for three years but i just can’t do it

i can’t lie to myself and give myself work that i don’t like at all.


i don’t know how will our conversation end.

i either need a solution, or i need some encouragement to move on.

i only have 50k and it’s not enough to pay…

it’s very unclear that i could pay the 200k within this year.


what am i going to do.

kill me

kill me.




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