Faux Cosmetics Review: 88-Palette

Hello again! Weew~ My eyeshadow palette was delivered to me yesterday and I’m happy with it!
Here’s the photo and yes! the name of the shop where I purchased it is there. I took it from her page since I don’t have a nice camera to capture my palette. I bought it for 680 pesos (I’ve searched hundreds of local online shops for this palette and the prices ranged from 800 to 1500, but after I paid for it, I saw some shops that sell the palette for just 400 to 500. Oh well. That’s life. :D)

Faux Cosmetics (88 Palette)

Resembles the 88-Matte Palette from BH Cosmetics but it pretends to be another famous brand’s comrade

I would like to call this the UNBRANDED 88 Eyeshadow Palette with Matte and Satin Shades. BUT!! (as I’ve told you I’ve researched these palettes like crazy….) this palette is pretending to be part of a very high class brand. You don’t need to be an expert on make up to know this is fake (Clue 1: Low low price, Clue 2: Not seen in the official website). Yet, I bought this and probably I will buy more of this palette because the colors are so pigmented and I have so many choices!
Second thing I’ve learned about this product is…that it’s an “Authentic _______(Censoring the supposedly brand name) Singapore Version”. So these were imported from Singapore….or as what I saw in another website, made in Canada, bought in Singapore. o.O I wonder what’s really accurate here. But I know the palette you see in the picture is highly similar to BH Cosmetics 88-Matte Palette but the size (I compared it to how big it is on YouTube videos) is smaller.
Third thing I’ve learned is…these are frequently rebranded! Not yet confirmed ha…but I saw this brand which sells similar palettes online and in the mall (O.O) and after I bought the palette, I measured the colors and the palette itself…the dimensions are similar. D: At least I didn’t buy it for the price they’re presenting it.
I’ve tried some of the colors on my hand and they’re super pigmented! Can’t wait to do a tutorial of this palette especially when using my sigma Mr. Bunny Travel Brush set!


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