Trial Make.Up: Fairy Themed Pre-Debut Shoot

We have an upcoming project (June 23) for a fairy themed pre-debut shoot. And I will happily do her make-up! I’ve practiced the look just this afternoon. I would have styled my hair too but there was a black-out and I couldn’t do much about it. So anyways, this look made used of basically four colors (excluding the highlight and brow color) and you can see them in the photo above.

I love doing extremely colorful eye make up and after the trial make up, I realized that I should move the crease color higher than it is right now. When I open my eyes, the eyeshadows, unfortunately, aren’t noticeable…

I was going to do a tutorial for this one but somehow…I didn’t. Oh well, there’s always a next time. By the way, I used my Mr. Bunny Sigma Travel Brush Kit for this one and the Faux Branded 88-Palette. 😀

You can also use the BH Cosmetics Matte 88-Palette or the local Dollface Cosmetics 88-Color Palette. Check their link here:
The look is not originally my idea, I watch VintageorTacky on Youtube and copied her look (except that I used a different palette for lack of resources). Here’s her website link if you want to check it out:




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