TheBibStory: Sketched and Scribbled

Sketched and Scribbled? Do a double-take. Yes, I name my bib designs. Boo…hoo…

Have you looked at the last page of your elementary, high school or college notebook? Some of you may write your homework for the day or some to-do list. Some of us opt to scribble on this page, write random words, drawings…feelings. That’s what I do. Scribbles and sketches at the end of a notebook is the inspiration for this bib necklace design. See the finish product below:

As you can see, there are cream colored flowers outlined with black thread…resembling the flowers that I make when I’m bored in a class that I don’t belong in. It’s rugged, messy…perfectly messed up…perfectly me. One drawing trick I also do in high school which impresses some teachers is drawing flowers on a cardboard type folder using a correction pen then outlining these with a black pen. I liked how it look and I incorporate that memory to this bib necklace.

This piece is already sold to my dear friend in Manila. But I can always recreate this piece. It will be my pleasure. Just message me if you want. It’ll take two weeks to finish that though. I’m also a part time photographer and my boss (and boyfriend, if I may add) would kill me if I can’t do a good job. Haha.

More posts on my bib necklaces design soon.



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