Perfect Red Lips

Have you seen this video from Michelle Phan? If you don’t know her, she’s a well-known beauty guru in the YouTube world. I have stopped watching from the television ever so often and opted to use YouTube to see new music videos and informative videos. I only watched TV when my sister gets her hands on the laptop that’s connected to the internet. Anyways, the video above is about finding the perfect red lip color for your skin tone. And some of you would probably think…”WAH? Isn’t red…like red? There are other forms of red?” Well, there are different tones for red…it can be warm or cool red. If you can’t get what I’m saying, just watch the video above. 🙂

If you’d rather read than wait for the video to load, here’s a quick summary. Our skin tones can be warm, cool or neutral. How do you know what your skin tone is? There are three methods described in the video:
1. Jewelry Method: Pull out a silver and gold jewelry. Which looks better on your skin tone? Your skin tone is cool if silver jewelry looks better on you and warm if gold looks better on you.
2. White Apparel Method: (Not sure how that was called.) Check what’s better on you—pure white or off-white clothes. Warm Tone: Off White, Cool Tone: Pure White
3. Wrist Method: Check your wrists and identify the color of your veins. Is it blue or olive green?

If you find it different to identify your tone…you might be neutral!

For cool tones, you would need to use reds with cool undertone. It should have a blue undertone.
For warm tones, you would need to use reds with warm undertone. The lip color should have an orange undertone.
For neutral tones, you can get away with reds of both blue and orange undertone.

For me, I think I have a neutral skin tone….and my favorite lip color as of this moment is Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick in Summer Sunset. My sister and I seem to have the same tone because we love the lip color and sometimes we fight over it. Hm…oh well. 😀

Here’s how it looks, by the way…

Maybelline Colorsensational in Summer Sunset

If you would like to see more photos, check it here:
Images were captured by Enshong Miranda (




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