The Bib Necklaces I

Yes, I’ve said this a few times and you know there’s a reason for it: I’M GETTING POORER but still I love my craft. Even though it pains me to let them go one by one to their deserving owners, getting cash to make more is a good deal.
I’m Chai and I have an online shop with my two friends (Xee and Nica). It’s called Pretty Messed Up and you can check the site through this link:

Every bib necklace of mine has a story. But I’m too lazy to get my fingers to type every long epic tale of the bib necklace design…so I’ll post all the photos here with a few lines to summarize the tale. Hope that’s alright with you! Anyways, if you need to know more about the story, you can message us through our facebook page or comment down here in the blog.

I’ll also post a blog entry for the other projects…so just keep yourself posted. πŸ™‚

Gray on gray on gray… πŸ™‚ I love the shades of gray together…it’s sophisticated yet simple. The texture of the material is shabby so it can be casual too.

I’ve actually told a story of this in a blog. Why don’t you check it out here!

Taylor Swift? Country music? All my love for a country flair all wrapped up in a bib necklace. The warm browns paired with the different shades of blues are lovely to look at!

I guess I associated the black and white checkered cloth with a chessboard game…and I think I remember a version of Alice in Wonderland with that scene. πŸ™‚ That movie is the inspiration for this bib necklace. I think it’s playful and fun, don’t you agree?

Zippers that bloomed into flowers. I love the golden denim material of this bib. I wish I know where to buy this. The denim was just given to my mom for my craft. I want to make more of this because this bib necklace is already sold. :O Good thing, the person who bought this was a very very close friend. πŸ™‚

Denim used to be a material used on pants by hard workers because of its durability or strength. Pair it with floral cloth and it still looks good. Its flexibility is amazing. Who wouldn’t want this on their casual day?

Who wants Candy? I associate candies with girl colors but I added a pop of blue green to break out the pink-iness of the bib necklace. I don’t want it to be uber girly. πŸ™‚

That’s the last design for this collection. Of course, we’re going to add some more soon. If there’s a new bib necklace, we’d make a new post about it on Bib Necklace II and so forth. Just keep watching and follow this blog.



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