Earrings I

When challenges face you and you think there’s nowhere else to go, you need to think out of the box. Xee made these beautiful earrings using crochet yarns. She’s definitely the person in our Pretty Messed Up Trio who looks at things differently…crazy? or out-of the box creative? I’d go for the latter.

Here are here works. And oddly enough, the person modeling the earrings is Xee herself!

She loves violet or purple…though I’m not sure how I could contrast the two shades. I’ve always thought the purple had a reddish hue to it like Barney’s color because he’s the purple dinosaur!

I actually think that this is my favorite. Pastel colors are so refreshing and utterly cute. Hating pastel is like hating babies and cute little puppies. :3

I’m going to post more and more. Do you think we should do a tutorial? If a lot would comment down and confirm, we’ll discuss the possibility.



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