Headbands II

Another set of headbands to brighten up our page. Some queens chose a dazzling crown to lay upon their head, others choose humbling accessories. We made a simple set of headbands for those who don’t want to scream their personality out loud with full on “head gear” or ahem head piece.

Simple bows, flowers…

But then… I posted a photo of denim flowers I made and I was going to make a bib necklace out of it..for the fun of it all, I asked the page likers and some of my friends, if it looked better as a headband instead. They wanted it to be a headband so here it goes!

If you want to take part of polls we do in our page, then like our page.

And finally we do customized and when a friend of my sister asked to make a sakura tree and three mickey mouse ears that are red…I asked Xee and Nica to do the job…I don’t do good with measurements and circles so..tadaaaah~

What products should we add or improve in our store? Comment down below! 🙂



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