Squarenimals I

Bib necklaces, fabric/zipper rings, headbands, clips…not for now! What could this be all about?

Clue! It’s square yet it’s fluffy and cute.

What could be more cuter than a squarenimal? SquarenimalSSSSSS!!

Paris Hilton had Tinkerbell as her accessory. What about a cute furry animal that doesn’t need feeding, grooming or sleeping…just a little loving!

This is cute, right? No, not the person modeling the bear (that’s me, *ahem*).

By the way, Nica did all these squarenimals. I wanted to help her but…hm…I hated measuring stuff…especially squares. She’s the OC one so she can measure things for fun.

See the detail of this lion’s tail! I sketched the “blueprint” of the tail…Xee made the tail…and Nica made the whole body. Yes, we made the lion with detail and care…and TEAMWORK!

This is actually my favorite!

I have a new bunny and I don’t need to feed it! 😀 I loved bunnies and I actually have three live ones at home. Ain’t the pink blush on the bunny cute? Tee-hee.

What animals do you think we should “square” next?

Comment below!

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