The Rings II

Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend. Sounds to me that they’re friends with benefits. o.O We create rings with fabric or zippers because true friends stick together no matter the value. It’s the thought that counts, right? And the thought that comes into making these beautiful handcrafted rings come in thousands of words.

This is Xee’s ultimate baby ring. She didn’t want to sell this baby to any person because she is attached to it. We convinced her that it’s better to hand it to someone who will use it on a daily basis rather than keeping it in her craft kit box in solitude. The ring will be happier if you set it free~ or you truly love someone when you are able to let it go. Drama. Story’s true. It took weeks to convince Xee to let go of her darling baby ring. This is now available for a craft lover in our site. Better check these out!

I love that big white button on the center. It’s so cute and inviting.

Don’t think you can see rings like this anywhere.

Casual denim :3

Eccentric or electric orange and blue! πŸ˜€

I super love the classic heart shape…and it’s available in tons of colors. I super uber love it. Can’t stress the love enough!

By the way, Xee made all the rings this time. So, kudos to her! πŸ™‚

~as always and forever…chai


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