Look for the Day!

Technically, this was the look for yesterday. But, oh well…better late than never.
I don’t wear makeup daily…even pressed powder won’t touch my skin even on bad “face days”. But for some days that I do, I make sure it’s EVIDENT that I’m wearing makeup! Anyways, it’s not for work makeup…it’s a makeup for expression! Does that make any sense?

I should try putting on make up that shows even when my eyes are open. 😀

I love rainbow colored makeup and I’ve already done one before. This is an uber better version of my makeup.

Rainbow Eye Makeup 2.0!
The difference between the previous and this one is that I dared myself to add orange and red…and darkened the violet eyeshadow.

Honestly, I did this makeup for a contest…MakeupHolics is one of the online businesses here in the Philippines that sell high quality cosmetics! I’ve liked their page for a very long time and heard from a beautyguru (ColorismyWeapon on Youtube) named Noe that she’s doing a contest for her subscribers.

I don’t mind holding up a sign that says I love MakeupHolics because I do…and I am a makeupholic. But then…I’m not holding a sign…I just glammed up these shades with I love MakeupHolics because Noe said we can be creative with our photo.

Am I wearing something outrageously weird or what? Should I have gotten even weirder? Gotta try that again some time.

Somehow, my boyfriend (who’s also the photographer of this shoot) doesn’t like it when I open my mouth like this. :O I just wanted it to be wacky and un-serious! 🙂

Check more of the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.376686405735775.87931.151509028253515&type=1
Don’t forget to like my boyfriend’s page: Enshong Miranda Photography! Or check his website here: http://www.enshongmiranda.us

And of course…don’t forget to like Pretty Messed Up!


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