What You Can Learn By Doing Someone Else’s MakeUp

I would’ve titled this post as “Tips for Makeup Artist Wannabeeeeesss” but then I’m not a makeup artist so how can I give you tips? So I settled for this ‘quite’ long title..but at least it sums it all up.

I have to warn you though…not all statements are ULTIMATELY true…or the ULTIMATUM. There are so situations or conditions that may be an exception to a “tip” or learning. (I quote the word tip because I did say I’m not a make up artist so I can’t say that I’m giving tips.)
Here are what I have learned…and you might learn when doing someone else’s make up: (Please tell me what you think or react as violently or as sweetly as possible)

1. Don’t listen to what your clients tell you MOST OF THE TIME.
There are quite a few times when I wished I didn’t listen or think of what the client said that much.
Situation 1
I want a light make up. BOOM! The make up became so plain that I can’t believe I used up 45 minutes of my time “achieving” the look. There are two sides of this story though… (I know. I talk too much. Please move on to the second bullet if you want to save time.) One is, I might have misinterpreted her definition of light make up. Second is, she might just have said natural make up instead of light… Either way, I wished I made a stand in making the make up more vivid. After all, the look was for a prenuptial shoot…we need colors and emotions on your faces.

Light and Natural Makeup

But then, it’s important to listen to your clients…it just depends… I guess. 😛

2. Do ask your clients if they have a skin allergies on certain makeup brands.
It’s a good thing that I’ve thought about this way before I started putting on make up on people I am not very close to.

Jamie at Sweet 16

Situation 2
Jamie had sensitive skin. She told me that she is allergic to certain brands and of course, I avoided using them when I put on her make up. She even had a ritual of patting on some toner and moisturizer before I can start. She even let me use her make up and even her beloved hairspray.

3. Do be present during the photo shoot or event and touch up any unintentional smudging or discoloration of make up.

Fun Shoot with Jaja

Things to bring during the shoot:
*powder – to buff on the spots of the face that gets shiny due to the warm weather (we have that a lot in the Philippines)
*lipstick – you can’t stop your model/client from puckering or licking her lips from time to time. Do what you can…just do a touch up!
*eye shadow – just bring the colors you’ve been using and lighter ones to smudge out harsh lines if needed.
*brushes – bring the needed brushes for the makeup you will bring.
*etc – if you have makeup that’s a little bit on the not-so-nice brand or unbranded, it might be easy to sweat out. What you can do is bring the makeup that you’re not confident will last very long. Blushes may fade out..bring that too!

4. Do practice even on yourself! Research the desired look too!
I’ve been to a few shoots that I myself do not know how the model must look like for the shoot. Way before the schedule, I make plans on how she should look but hey! plans are plans but they might not work…unless you prove it by practicing on yourself. Some colors you may be “planning” to use may not go well together at all.

Red Riding Hood Jalen and John the Wolf (Modern Twist)

Research is important. If your client wants a 50s look, a Taylor Swift look…there are tons of YouTube Gurus who can help you.

Well..let’s settle for this four learnings for now. We can just make an updated version of this when I get ample of things to learn again. Nyahahaha~

Thanks to Enshong Miranda for letting me take care of his clients even if I’m not a professional. Please do check out his photos…

You may also see some of the makeup I’ve done to clients in our page.

Toodles~ And see you soon. 😛



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