I love the Avon True Colors Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals. 🙂 If you notice I’m not blogging much here. I’m actually blogging at a different site. 🙂 Look for me at sketchedscribbled!

Sketched and Scribbled

What’s the most useful makeup quad in my makeup kit? I bet the neutral quad is the most helpful makeup and hopefully, you’ll see it in this tutorial. Before anything else though…sorry if the photo quality is off. I just used my old laptop’s webcam. o.O I need to borrow my boyfriend’s DSLRs or something…haha. Or maybe I should just borrow my sister’s digicam. Oh well, I tried to make it work with what I have.

Browns, bronzes, peaches and cream might be the only thing* you need as makeup for work, a day or night out and for a special event.
This is the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals. The shades are:
(1) Vanilla – good for highlighting or a light base
(2) Pearly Peach
(3) Sandy Copper
(4) Chocolate Suede – lovely matte brown color

In this makeup tutorial, I only needed a few…

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