Makeup for Less! 😀 Learn how to make your own lipcolor, cream blush, brush cleanser, gel liner…for less and things you can see around your house. 😀

Sketched and Scribbled

Have you even read part 1 and 2 yet? If not, click here (1)(2) to start on this quest.

For all the newbies reading this quest blog series, you may also want to read these types of blogs even if you’re not planning to become a makeup artist. Some blog entries are quite applicable to the ordinary makeupholic anyways. 😀

So you’ve got the tools, the basic makeup and practice. You’re just starting out…but do you wish you have a primer, lash glue and more? You just don’t want to splurge on that now…after all, you just want to make use of what you have.

But wait? What if what you already have now can help you experience those splurges? Here are some D.I.Y. projects I’ve seen on Youtube or other beauty sites.


Save a piggy bank’s life (or extend it and crash it for emergencies only, haha). I’ll…

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