Summer Essentials: Mascara + Neutral Eyeshadow Quad + Foundation + Lipstick

Sketched and Scribbled

This is a more generic type of set, right? It’s easy to get your hands on this…and I”m not specifying any brands because I believe almost any brand (affordable or luxurious) have these makeup. Let’s make TWO looks (day and night) easily with only four easy-to-get-makeup-or-it-might-be-already-on-your-hands-right-now and no professional skills needed. Aja! I actually didn’t use a foundation but a face powder because in summer, you want to have as less makeup as possible. Always remember to take care of the skin so you don’t need to conceal anything…this summer is not only a break from stress and work but also it’s a break for your skin to be free. The girl that would benefit from these looks is one that want light application and one that doesn’t want to go to extremes. day-1   This is the day look. As you can see, it’s simple…almost non-existent but a…

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