About PMU

Why is it called Pretty Messed Up? There’s a story to this…but if you’re not patient with hearing or reading stories, you can scroll down at the end of this page or maybe just ignore this page altogether.

I love making accessories and matching different colors. My work’s pretty messy, that’s what people say when they see my work but they love it still…they actually tell me my work has a rustic feel to it like I intended it to be messy. Pretty Messed Up’s the name for me! It definitely started to be a solo act (My name is Chai), but when you work solo, there are a lot of times that you delay the process of actually opening up the store…everyone needs support. And the funny thing is…the support has always been beside me…two of my best-est friends, Nica and Xee.

My buddies and I have set up a store for our handmade accessories. For now, watch my work here or here!

Who are we?
Didn’t I say that before? We’re the PMU trio! If you want to know a bit about us, read on 😀

And yes, this is my best photo…it’s no wonder that I’ve used it as a profile photo in my Facebook, Twitter, WordPress…
I’m Chai and I’m the one who uses the word “rustic” to describe my work when it’s just plain messy…kidding! They’re cute! Aren’t they? I started making the Bib necklaces for our store and it took me a while to start selling them.

She’s Nica! Her small chinky cute eyes is an obstacle in surviving the long hours in sewing and making crafts~kidding! We just like to make fun of her eyes a lot but they’re so cute, right? She started doing the headbands and she’s not confident in making flowers so instead, she poured her energy in making cute bows and also, in making plushies (these will be available soon!).

Xee is our out-of-the box thinker! She makes accessories out of everything. Even while we were young, she made bracelets out of bottle caps, rubber bands, etc! Whenever we ran out of ideas, she’s the one to give us an inspiration.

This is the end of the about PMU page! If you’re here for the summary,
we’re Pretty Messed Up! haha.



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