Summer Essentials: Mascara + Neutral Eyeshadow Quad + Foundation + Lipstick

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This is a more generic type of set, right? It’s easy to get your hands on this…and I”m not specifying any brands because I believe almost any brand (affordable or luxurious) have these makeup. Let’s make TWO looks (day and night) easily with only four easy-to-get-makeup-or-it-might-be-already-on-your-hands-right-now and no professional skills needed. Aja! I actually didn’t use a foundation but a face powder because in summer, you want to have as less makeup as possible. Always remember to take care of the skin so you don’t need to conceal anything…this summer is not only a break from stress and work but also it’s a break for your skin to be free. The girl that would benefit from these looks is one that want light application and one that doesn’t want to go to extremes. day-1   This is the day look. As you can see, it’s simple…almost non-existent but a…

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Youtube Review: ColorismyWeapon

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When you’ve got no money but you’ve got your parent’s support (and I mean your free access to the internet) and aspirations, Youtube is the best avenue to learn. In the beauty guru department, tons of makeup artists or just plain makeup enthusiasts have caught the attention of some viewers…especially me! I’m subscribed to over 300 youtube channels (I know it’s a lot) and I’d like to share to you some of them…have I stayed subscribed to them or not? Can I gamble my life and recommend to you who I think are the best? Stick around.

ColorismyWeapon is the first Cebuano beauty guru I have encountered and subscribing to her channel has led me to discover new doors of beauty and makeup!


Short Background:

ColorismyWeapon is Noe Mae Villagonzalo of Cebu. Currently she is working as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Hair stylist. You can book her for weddings…

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Is it weird to make a review on sanitary napkins? I didn’t actually look up on the internet if there were blog entries regarding this but nevertheless the following are my opinion and I am not a fan of neither Kathryn B. and Julia M. Haha. I just had to get that out of my chest. And clearly, the photo is not mine…I just googled it (guilty!).

I just finished my period, the time of the month, my time of solace.

And during these times of hormone malfunction and personality disorder, I have remembered that I am very picky when it comes to buying a sanitary napkin. I gots to looks for my Whisper Super Clean and Dry with wings!

And hell yeah, I get out of the pharmacy or convenience store empty handed when my beloved choice is not there.

So proper introduction, the products above are…

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Makeup for Less! 😀 Learn how to make your own lipcolor, cream blush, brush cleanser, gel liner…for less and things you can see around your house. 😀

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Have you even read part 1 and 2 yet? If not, click here (1)(2) to start on this quest.

For all the newbies reading this quest blog series, you may also want to read these types of blogs even if you’re not planning to become a makeup artist. Some blog entries are quite applicable to the ordinary makeupholic anyways. 😀

So you’ve got the tools, the basic makeup and practice. You’re just starting out…but do you wish you have a primer, lash glue and more? You just don’t want to splurge on that now…after all, you just want to make use of what you have.

But wait? What if what you already have now can help you experience those splurges? Here are some D.I.Y. projects I’ve seen on Youtube or other beauty sites.


Save a piggy bank’s life (or extend it and crash it for emergencies only, haha). I’ll…

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Like Like Like

I’d rather be judged on my skills rather than the quantity of my friends. Haha. 🙂

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Okay…I’m extremely guilty of participating in makeup contests that will win if I garner the most likes. This is a repeated mistake I’ve done over three times. Of course I participated in order to win fabulous makeup for free but I guess I also wanted to join because I want to challenge myself with their theme.

Tsk. Tsk. Now I’m going to say…NEVER AGAIN! I never win these types of contests that are heavily reliant on people liking the photo because your friends and not because they love the makeup. I’m not saying I am a very good makeup artist…I actually was sure I didn’t win that one contest because they didn’t rely just on likes (10% of the criteria were likes), they also had three judges to pick the winner.

This will be my new year’s resolution…I know it’s already March but at least I’m starting somewhere…it’s as late…

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